Wednesday, February 23, 2011

--Herrera Drama--

Mrs. Dooh's K-6 drama classes have been exploring props and creating original short plays by using both props and personal experience as inspiration! Mrs. Dooh is looking to allow select students to perform their creations. Date TBD.
Jr. high students are creating an original short screenplay. We experienced a film and screenplay study in January and just started writing our own original pieces. We will be making sure that our screenplays are in the correct format and then we will choose a student's play to turn into a film. Yay!


K-8 dance students are working on new dance choreography for the May 20th Dance Show!!! Ms. Benson and Ms. Dooh are so enthusiastic about their students' progress and we are all looking forward to the big show. Students are practicing their hip routine weekly for grades K-6. Ms. Dooh's jr. high dance class is practicing daily and the moves are hard, so she hopes they are PRACTICING EVERY DAY! Nice work so far, dancers!